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Biennial CE Compliance Schedule

Newly Certified Registrants: Technologists who have recently passed their first ARRT certification exam will begin the mandatory CE requirements on the first day of their next birth month after the examination. Technologists who become registered in additional modalities will maintain the continuing education schedule established with their initial registration.

Biennium Reporting Cycle: The CE requirements are linked to a two-year cycle (biennium). The biennium begins on the first day of the registrant's birth month and extends for two years to the end of the month prior to the birth month. Each registrant's biennium dates are printed in the lower left corner of the annual Application for Renewal of Registration and on the carrier they receive from the ARRT with their pocket credential card after renewal of registration is complete, and can be verified on their website. All CE credits must be completed between these dates. Credits earned in one biennium cannot be carried forward into the next biennium.




For detailed information about the ARRT's continuing education requirements, you can contact them at 651-687-0048.



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