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Probation Status: Failing to Meet CE Requirements

A technologist who applies for renewal of registration of a certificate, but who fails to meet the CE requirements within the previous biennium, will automatically be transferred to a "CE probation" status. Individuals who are on probation because they failed to meet the CE requirements will receive a credential indicating CE probation. The ARRT will report the status of any technologist to anyone who asks them for it. This includes all inquiries from your current or potential employer or virtually anyone who simply calls the ARRT and inquires about your status.

Technologists who have annually registered but are classified as being on probation because they did not meet the CE requirements may clear their probation status by successfully completing any one of the following during the first 12 months of the following biennium:

1. A primary examination in a discipline not previously passed and for which the individual is eligible; or by

2. An approved post-primary examination for which they are eligible; or by

3. Continuing education credits. If the continuing education option is used, the registrant will be required to complete the number of credits lacking from the 24 credits required during the previous biennium, plus an additional 12 "penalty" category A credits up to a maximum of 24 credits. In addition to the continuing education credits that are required during the first 12 months of the current biennium for removal from probation status, an additional 24 credits must be completed by the end of the biennium in order to remain in compliance with the requirements of the current biennium.




Technologists who fail to meet the CE requirements are transferred to "CE probation" status.



For detailed information about the ARRT's continuing education requirements, you can contact them at 651-687-0048.



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