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Demystifying the ARRT CE Requirements

In 1991, the ARRT announced its plans to start continuing education (CE) requirements for the renewal of certificate registration. Continuing education requirements became mandatory for renewal of ARRT registration starting in 1995. Reporting that you are in compliance with the mandatory CE requirements began in 1997. According to the ARRT, continuing education provides you with a mechanism to fulfill your responsibility to maintain competence and prevent professional obsolescence. All Registered Technologists are required to comply with the ARRT's CE requirements regardless of their employment status.

Renewal of Registration

Registration must be renewed on an annual basis corresponding with your birth month. Read More ...

Continuing Education Rationale

Continuing education (CE) helps technologists fulfill their responsibility to stay up to date in their competence and prevent professional obsolescence. Read More ...

Biennial CE Compliance Schedule

The CE requirements are linked to a biennial (i.e., two-year) schedule with the biennium beginning on each registrant's birth month. Read More ...

Biennial CE Requirements

There are three options for satisfying your biennial CE requirements. Have you satisfied them yet? Read More ...

Probation Status: Failing to Meet CE Requirements

A technologist who applies for renewal of registration of a certificate but fails to meet the CE requirements within the previous biennium, will automatically be transferred to a "CE probation" status. Learn how you can avoid or clear a probation status. Read More ...

Technologist Registration May Be Dropped!

If a certificate on CE probation has not been brought into complete compliance to the satisfaction of the ARRT within one year, it will be considered no longer registered by the ARRT (i.e., dropped). Find out how to regain registered status. Read More ...

Responsibility of the Registered Technologist

Learn how to be in good standing with the ARRT and to keep your RT registration secure. Read More ...




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