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This financial analysis realistically compares the tuition fees of self-study programs from Medical Imaging Consultants (MIC) with the actual costs to attend a 2-day commercial seminar program. None of our self-study programs surprise you with hidden expenses. In fact, the postage is even prepaid on the self-addressed return mailers we provide. Clearly, several technologists can participate in one of MIC's programs for the cost of sending just one technologist to a seminar.




2-day Seminar

MIC Course


$380 to $420

$129 to $299


$50 to $500



$150 to $300



$50 to $100





Work Leave

$0 to $320



$630 to $1640

$129 to $299


Explanation of the Analysis

Tuition Typical cost for a regional two-day commercial seminar is $380-$420; the group discount for seminars is minimal. MIC's self-study tuition is $129-299, depending on the program, which reflects group and early registration discounts.

Travel Air fare to a seminar can cost in excess of $500; travel by rail can be as low as $50 round trip.

Hotel Typical hotel rates are $75/night for many seminar locations, but rates are higher in the larger cities and can exceed $150/night. Parking can range from $6/day to over $20/day. The vast majority of program registrants do not commute.

Meals Assume $50 for dinner for two days. If breakfast and lunch are not included in the tuition of the seminar, add another $50.

Time Only you can put a value on personal time spent away from home for the seminar. MIC's self-study programs can be studied where and when it is most convenient.

Work Leave Employers may elect to compensate technologists while they attend the seminar. These costs depend on their specific position at your facility; assume $20/hr x 2 days (e.g. $320) not including overhead and benefits.




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